Can You Mix MiraLAX with Milk? The Truth Uncovered

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Can you mix MiraLAX with milk? This is a common question worthy of an answer. For many, answers are not clear concerning what liquids are safe to consume with MiraLAX as there are conflicting reports that come from doctors and manufacturers alike. Join us as we look deeper into these questions so you can know how to use MiraLAX in a way that is both safe and gentle.

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What Is the Best Drink to Mix With MiraLAX?

Any drink is best to drink with MiraLAX, unless your doctor recommends otherwise.

Many doctors and specialists have differing recommendations when it comes to using MiraLAX. This is because doctors often recommend MiraLAX before performing colonoscopies and other procedures. These recommendations come as a means to prevent what you are drinking from interfering with results.

Having said that, MiraLAX, when used for general purposes, can actually be used in any beverage. According to the official MiraLAX website, MiraLAX can be safely combined with any beverage, whether hot or cold. Thus, it appears that it does not matter what kind of drink you pair with MiraLAX.

Why Can’t You Mix MiraLAX With Milk?

Can MiraLAX be Mixed into Milk?

Yes, unless your doctor states otherwise.

If you’ve scoured the internet with the intent of finding an answer to this question, odds are that you’ve been left confused.

Though many state that it is unsafe to consume MiraLAX with milk, the answer to why this is the case remains unclear.

Some suppose that the reason you cannot consume milk with MiraLAX is that milk can be viewed as a solid, though it has the properties of liquid. Still others vouch that because MiraLAX states that it can be mixed with any liquid, mixing it with milk is okay.

Our verdict? Mixing MiraLAX with milk is okay unless your doctor advises against it.

Can I Mix MiraLAX with Milk For Toddler?

MiraLAX is likely safe to be mixed with milk for toddlers, however, if it is the over-consumption of milk and dairy that is causing your child constipation issues in the first place, you may wish to combine the MiraLAX with another liquid.

Also, bear in mind that MiraLAX has been linked to unsavory outcomes in young children. While studies are still being conducted, it is important to keep your toddler’s safety in mind when considering MiraLAX.

Alternatives to MiraLAX for treating constipation in young children include:

  • Including peas, kiwi, pears and beans in their diet.
  • Offering your child naturally-sweetened oatmeal.
  • Soaking raisins in water and offering them to your child (or putting them in oatmeal).
  • Offering plain or low-sugar yogurt to your child.
  • Offering whole grains in the form of wheat toast, brown rice and whole grain pasta.
  • Nixing refined starches such as white breads and pastas until the blockage has cleared.

Can You Mix Miralax with Water?

MiraLAX can certainly be mixed with water. In fact, this is the preferred method for many doctors performing colonoscopies because water is a clear fluid.

Can You Mix MiraLAX With Something Other Than Water?

Though water is a great choice for mixing MiraLAX, it isn’t your only option.

As previously stated, MiraLAX manufacturers deem their dissolvable powder safe to combine with any liquid, whether hot or cold. Thus, mixing your MiraLAX with your favorite beverage is a plausible option providing that your doctor hasn’t requested otherwise.

Can You Eat Dairy After Taking MiraLAX?

It is okay to eat dairy following the intake of MiraLAX. Unless otherwise stated by your healthcare professional, you should be able to eat normally after a dose of MiraLAX without any issues.

Can You Drink MiraLAX with Soda?

Though there is a widespread belief that MiraLAX cannot be taken with carbonated beverages, MiraLAX has approved mixing their dissolvable powder with seltzers or any of your favorite drinks. Thus, you can drink MiraLAX with soda.

Can You Put MiraLAX in Sprite?

Placing MiraLAX in Sprite may help you get the MiraLAX down better. However, if your healthcare professional asks you to skip carbonated drinks while taking MiraLAX, you should follow your doctor’s orders.

Can You Mix MiraLAX with Diet Coke?

Diet Coke, though carbonated, should not affect the performance of MiraLAX in your system.

Having said that, if you begin to experience abdominal pain or have not experienced a bowel movement within 24 hours of taking MiraLAX, you may wish to avoid taking MiraLAX with diet Coke and be sure to follow up with a doctor.

If you still have concerns, you may be able to learn how to decarbonate a drink before mixing it with MiraLAX.

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What Other Beverages Can You Mix MiraLAX With?

According to MiraLAX manufacturers, MiraLAX can be safely mixed with any drink. Sometimes, however, your doctor may have different advice, depending on what the MiraLAX is being taken for.

We recommend always following your doctor’s advice, especially if the reason you are using MiraLAX is for the purpose of flushing your colon before your doctor performs a colonoscopy.

Can You Mix Miralax With Coffee?

Miralax may be taken with cold or hot coffee. Just be careful when doing so. Some doctors report that the caffeine in the coffee can cause the bowels to flush more quickly than normal. Other than that, adding your MiraLAX to coffee is a great way to get your MiraLAX intake for the day.

Can You Mix Miralax With Chocolate Milk?

Yes, you can mix MiraLAX with chocolate milk. Recall, however, that if milk is the reason for constipation, especially in young children, then you may want to skip taking MiraLAX with milk and try something else instead.

Remember also that MiraLAX should be used with caution in babies and young children.

Can You Mix Miralax With Juice?

Yes, you can mix MiraLAX with juice.

In fact, mixing MiraLAX with the right kind of juice could actually help aid the process of clearing your bowels. Try adding MiraLAX to naturally-sweetened pear, blueberry or prune juices for added relief.

Remember also to review your doctor’s orders and to avoid drinking colored beverages if your doctor recommends you take MiraLAX with clear liquids only.

Can You Put Miralax in Almond Milk?

MiraLAX can be safely mixed with almond milk. Almond milk is nothing more than almonds and water, in most cases. Thus, Almond milk is unlikely to have any interactions with your use of MiraLAX.

Can You Mix Miralax With Food?

Believe it or not, MiraLAX can be safely combined with liquid-based or soft foods. These foods include broths, soups, oatmeal cereal and more. You can even place it in smoothies.

Can You Mix Miralax in Yogurt?

Yes, MiraLAX can be combined with yogurt.

MiraLAX can be combined with any soft food or liquid, including yogurt. Moreover, the “good bacteria”, otherwise known as probiotics, found in yogurt is another great remedy for relieving constipation in both children and adults.

When mixing MiraLAX with yogurt, it may be best to consume only plain or low-sugar varities, as foods containing high-sugar content may agitate constipation.

A great way to disguise the flavor of plain yogurt mixed with MiraLax is to combine it with fruit, your milk of choice and a touch of honey.

Thus, yogurt on its own, without the addition of MiraLAX, may be enough to move bowels, especially when combined with blueberries or other fiber-rich fruits.

Can You Mix Miralax With Applesauce?

Applesauce is another soft food that those taking MiraLAX have found success using. Applesauce, whether chunky or smooth, can be mixed with MiraLAX to aid in disguising the taste of the laxative.

Recall also that the high-fiber content of applesauce, particularly homemade applesauce, will help move the bowels on its own. Just be sure to prepare, or purchase, a low-sugar or unsweetened variety to ensure that further constipation does not occur.

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Mixing MiraLAX FAQ

Can I drink milk after taking a laxative?

Depending on the type of laxative you are taking, the answer to this question could be no.
While most of us agree that anything dairy can be delicious, there are risks to eating dairy while taking laxatives. Whether it’s buttermilk vs sour cream or your favorite ice cream, dairy products can be difficult to turn down when you’ve got a particular craving!
Though MiraLAX does not state that there will be any interference with the performance of MiraLAX when combined with milk, some laxatives, such as Dulcolax, specifically tell you not to consume any type of milk or antacids within an hour of having taken the drug. 
To know whether or not milk is okay to drink after taking your laxative of choice, be sure to read the label or speak with your local doctor for further advice. 

Mixing MiraLAX With Milk Is Safe

To summarize, mixing MiraLAX with milk is deemed as safe according to the manufacturer. If, however, your doctor has advised against it or you notice that your MiraLAX isn’t working as well, you may wish to try adding your MiraLAX to a different beverage, such as water, to see if you notice any improvement.

Remember that some laxatives require that you don’t take them with milk. To know whether or not it is okay to take your laxative with milk, please refer to the bottle or ask your doctor for further guidance.

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