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Sweet potato is a vegetable that’s a favorite choice of many and can be prepared in many different forms. Sweet potato fries are a fashionable dish as well as sweet baked potatoes and sweet potato mash. Many people ask, can you eat raw sweet potato?

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Sweet potatoes contain so many nutritional benefits, that many people believe that cooking sweet potatoes could remove some of the benefits that the vegetables can give to our health.

In this article we will explore if you can eat raw sweet potatoes and which is the healthiest choice between raw sweet potatoes and cooked sweet potatoes.

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Is It Ok To Eat Uncooked Sweet Potato?

It is safe to eat raw sweet potato. You may not want to eat raw sweet potato as it can taste very sharp and there will be a high chance that the raw sweet potato will make you sick. When the sweet potato is raw, the vegetable is extremely hard and full of starch. At this stage it has indigestible compounds that can cause digestive issues.

We would not recommend that you eat raw sweet potato as it can cause your stomach stress and result in unpleasant side effects.

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Is Sweet Potato Healthier Raw Or Cooked?

Boiling and cooking sweet potato can soften the sweet potatoes as well as cleaning the sweet potato. Cooked sweet potatoes still retain all the valuable nutrients that sweet potatoes are known for but can be softer to digest. The body works less hard by digesting cooked sweet potatoes than raw cold sweet potatoes.

Raw Sweet potatoes are naturally full of starch. Cooking the Raw Sweet potatoes can remove this starch. Cooked sweet potatoes are generally healthier for you than raw sweet potatoes.

Is Raw Sweet Potato Hard To Digest?

As sweet potatoes have a high amount of fiber, they can be easier to digest than other types of food. Raw sweet potatoes will be harder to digest as cooked foods are softer on the stomach.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrition and many things that are good for our bodies.

Here is a full list of the health benefits eating raw sweet potatoes can provide:

  • Great source of fiber, which is crucial for the body
  • Contains high amounts of various antioxidants, which the body needs
  • Rich with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c, vitamin A, potassium, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, and copper.
  • Low on calories, therefore can help with weight loss.
  • Low on natural sugar, therefore a great sweet vegetable option for people who experience high sugar levels
  • Do not increase any risk of cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes
  • Can maintain the retina of the eyes
  • Can promote gut health
  • May enhance brain function
  • May support your immune system
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Can You Get Sick From Eating Raw Sweet Potatoes

Raw sweet potatoes can cause you to feel unwell. This is due to raw sweet potatoes containing a protein called Sporamin.

Sporamin can restrain the body from easily being able to digest food which can be enough to make you sick. The nasty effects of raw sweet potatoes can occur if you eat a large number of them, have a sensitive stomach or are intolerant to starchy food like sweet potatoes. Symptoms can show as bloating, cramping and gas.

Can You Eat Raw Sweet Potato Skin

Cooked sweet potato skins are tasty and also safe to eat, unlike raw sweet potato skins. Raw sweet potato holds the risk of making you very unwell and causing food poisoning symptoms if eaten in large quantities. Cooked sweet potato skins are rich in fiber and other nutrients which supports a healthy gut and can prevent chronic disease.

Can You Eat Raw Sweet Potato When Pregnant

Raw sweet potatoes are not recommended to eat if you are pregnant as they hold a risk of making you unwell. Cooked sweet potatoes are a perfect food to eat if you are pregnant as they are beneficial for the body. Cooked sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene which is a compound that is vital for healthy fetal development. Cooked sweet potatoes also contain fiber, which can improve the digestive system and health, also reducing blood sugar spikes. These are all great benefits to have in your food while you are pregnant.

Are Raw Sweet Potatoes Good For You

Sweet potatoes can be consumed raw but may make you feel unwell if they are consumed in large quantities. Sweet potatoes contain a high content of vitamin A and vitamin C, making them very good for the body. You will receive these benefits if you eat sweet potatoes either raw or cooked. Sweet potatoes also have a low calorie rating and therefore are a great choice in food if you are wanting to lose weight.

Sweet Potatoes Can Be Eaten Raw Or Cooked

But we would recommend eating them cooked!

It is possible to eat raw sweet potatoes either raw or cooked. Both ways are very nutritious for you and can help with many health issues and be a great source of lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Raw sweet potatoes can be harder to digest as they are full of starch and a cold food. Cooked sweet potatoes do not lose any of their nutritious quality and can be softer on the stomach.

If you eat too much raw sweet potato it could cause you to feel unwell and experience nasty side effects, like stomach pain. Raw sweet potatoes are not the nicest food to eat when compared to cooped sweet potatoes, which can come in tasty forms such as fries, sweet potato mash and sweet baked potatoes.

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  1. Ate them raw for years as part of my lunch. Seemed to preserve my eyesight longer than my peers of the same age. My eyes were much better than by siblings though they were younger. I finally stopped eating them because of stomach upset. I had started to supplement my protein intake by drinking a whey protein shake in the afternoon. I didn’t know that the sweet potato I was eating at lunch was causing my digestive system to be unable to digest the protein so it was going into my colon undigested. Before I started the protein, however, I had no issues. Since I stopped eating the sweet potatoes my eyesight has declined back to what is I think is normal for my age.

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