Can You Eat Meat on Easter Sunday – Catholic Traditions Explained

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If you are a Catholic or are interested in Catholic traditions, you may wonder questions like, “Can you eat meat on Easter Sunday?” If that’s you, take a seat. In this post, we’ll unveil the answers to your questions surrounding the consumption of meat throughout the Easter season and how it relates to Catholic Christians.

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Can You Eat Meat On Easter Sunday – Catholic Traditions Explained

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Are Christians Allowed to Eat Meat?

Yes, Christians are allowed to eat meat.

However, it is important to understand that the requirement that Christians abstain from meat during certain times of the year doesn’t apply to all Christians. This is a practice that the Catholic church urges. It is not something that Protestants typically abide by – although they may if they feel so compelled.

Remember that despite the Catholic tradition of not eating meat (or red meat) on certain days does not mean Catholics can never consume meat at all. It just means that Catholic law requires that they abstain from eating meat on certain calendar days of the year.

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Is It Biblical to Refrain from Meat During Easter?

No, it is not.

There is no place in the Bible that commands Christians to stop eating food or meat on any specific days for any specific amount of time. And because protestants view their faith through the lens of scripture only, they are not bound to such rules and regulations.

The Catholic church will often abstain from eating meat on certain days because they see it as a representation of what Jesus Christ did when he abstained from not only meat but all food for 40 days. Thus, because Jesus sacrificed his appetite for 40 days, the idea is that Catholics should do the same during the Easter season.

When Can You Not Eat Meat During Easter?

Now that you know that this practice is generally specific to Catholics, let’s take a look at when Catholics abstain from and take up eating meat.

Generally speaking, Catholics will stop eating red meat – but may continue eating fish – on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and every Friday of the Lent season. In fact, it is recommended that no meat at all is to be consumed on these days, though fish and shellfish are often permitted.

Why Shouldn’t You Eat Meat on Easter Sunday?

Believe it or not, eating pork, eating fish, or even any other type of meat on Easter is okay.

Eating meat on Easter isn’t forbidden, even for Catholics, as this is a celebration of the resurrection day of Jesus Christ.

Is It OK to Eat Meat on Easter Sunday?

Yes, it is okay to eat meat on Easter Sunday.

Can You Eat Meat on Easter Sunday Catholic?

Remember that even for Catholics, it is completely plausible to eat meat on Easter Sunday.

Is It OK to Eat Beef on Easter?

Beef is permitted on Easter Sunday, as are all types of meat.

Can I Eat Pork on Easter Sunday?

Pork is permitted on Easter Sunday as well. However, it is typically avoided by Catholics throughout the season of Lent on the previously mentioned days.

Can You Eat Chicken on Easter Sunday?

Chicken is allowed on Easter Sunday.

Can You Eat Red Meat on Easter Sunday?

Red meat can be consumed on Easter Sunday for Catholics.

Is It OK to Eat Ham on Easter Sunday?

Yes. Because ham is a type of pork, it can be readily consumed on Easter Sunday. In fact, in many homes, a delicious ham is the star of the show!

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When Can Catholics Eat Meat Again?

Remember that most Catholics can resume eating meat (of all kinds) on Easter Sunday. Prior to this, fish is eaten but no other meat is to be consumed on Lent Fridays, Good Friday, and Ash Wednesday.

Can You Eat Meat During Easter Week?

Typically, Catholics abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and the Fridays of Lent.

Can You Eat Meat on Easter Week?

Yes, you can, for the most part. However, there are some days, as previously mentioned, when you’ll need to avoid eating meat, if you follow Catholic rituals closely.

When Can You Not Eat Meat During Easter?

Abstaining from meat usually occurs on Ash Wednesday, Lent Fridays, and Good Friday.

Can You Eat Meat on Easter Saturday?

In many cases, yes. Although some believe you should also abstain from eating meat on Saturday as well. The rules on these often change so check with your Catholic Church clergy if you are unsure.

Can You Eat Meat on Easter Sunday? Indeed, You Can!

Despite the differences between varying types of Christianity and their beliefs, you can expect all Christian households to be enjoying meat on Easter Sunday. On this holy Sunday, many Catholic rituals and Catholic laws subside and Catholics are able to enjoy their choice of meat once again.

Hope this helps clear things up!


Can you eat meat on Saturday before Easter Sunday?

Most times yes, however, you should check with your Catholic church to be sure.

What do you eat on Easter Saturday?

That will depend. Please check with your Catholic church to ensure that it is okay to partake in normal meat on holy Saturday as this differs between Catholic churches.

Can you eat meat on Good Friday?

If you are Catholic, you are supposed to abstain from meat on Good Friday.

Can you eat meat on Easter Monday?

Yes, you can eat meat the Monday following Easter.

Can you eat meat on Holy Week?

You should generally abstain from meat on Good Friday on Holy Week. 

Can you eat meat on Palm Sunday?

Yes, you can.

Can you eat chicken during Easter?

Yes, it is fine to eat chicken during Easter. 

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