Can You Eat Green Beans Raw? ANSWERED

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Green beans are one of the healthiest and tastiest veggies. They can be enjoyed on their own or in a salad. Many people wonder if they can eat green beans fresh or if the only way to safely eat green beans is to cook them.

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In this article we will explore if you can eat green beans raw. What the benefits are of raw and cooked green beans?

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Can You Eat Fresh Green Beans Raw

Green beans are extremely healthy for our body and contain some wonderful vitamins and minerals. Green beans also contain some not so great properties, like lectins which can cause stomach issues. If you consume too many lectins you could also have issues with digestion and nutrient absorption.

If you do want to eat green beans raw it is best to eat a small amount. Therefore you can still enjoy the taste of the green beans raw but not consume too much lectins that can harm your body.

Can You Eat Canned Green Beans Raw?

You can eat canned green beans or string beans raw as it is still safe to do so.

These canned beans can be fresh or frozen. Many canned green beans have been cooked in the canning process. Therefore you are actually not eating raw green beans.

It is important to wash your green beans properly before consuming them, even if they have been stored in a can.

Is It Healthier To Eat Green Beans Raw Or Cooked?

Raw green beans contain a protein called lectin which acts as a natural insecticide, which is not great for our body. If you eat too many raw green beans, the lectin can cause issues with the digestive system. You can still safely eat green beans raw but they will not be as good for you raw as they would be cooked.

Cooking green beans has a lot of health benefits just like eating raw green beans. If you cook green beans then it can actually inactivate the lectins while increasing the antioxidants it contains. This means the cooked green beans actually increase in their goodness when they are cooked. Cooked green beans have added benefits for your health such as protecting against heart disease.

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Are Raw Fresh Green Beans Good For You?

Raw green beans can be very good for you especially if you are looking to lose weight. Raw green beans when consumed can make you feel full. Therefore you do not binge as much as you would if you had not have consumed raw green beans.

Raw green beans contain a smaller amount of calories than compared to other snacks. Every cup of raw green bean is roughly 31 calories. Raw green beans can also keep your gut and digestive system healthy and working smoothly.

Benefits Of Eating Raw Green Beans

There are plenty of benefits to eating green bean raw as they are full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Here is a full list of what you should eat green bean raw and what they will provide for your body:

  • High Fiber: Eating green beans raw is beneficial for your body as raw green beans are rich in fiber content. It is very important that you consume enough fiber so that your gut stays in a healthy condition. Eating green vegetables specifically can help your gut remain healthy, Green beans can make you feel full and therefore you will not feel as hungry, meaning in the long term eating green beans can help you if you would like to lose weight.
  • High Vitamin A: Raw green beans contain a large amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A can help our body in many ways including improving eyesight, our immune system and even skin conditions like acne.
  • High Vitamin C: Raw green beans contain a large amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C can help our body in many ways, especially during the winter months when it is more common to catch colds. Vitamin C can also help our body by improving our immune system, repairing damaged skin and skin conditions.
  • High Vitamin K: Raw green beans contain a large amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K can help our body in many ways. This includes preventing clotting of blood and keeping our bones strong.
  • High in Magnesium: If you consume raw green beans you will be consuming a large amount of magnesium. It is fantastic for the body, especially for women. Magnesium can help with women’s issues such as hormone imbalances, period pains and acne that is created due to menstrual cycles. Magnesium can also help us gain energy, produce new proteins and regulate our nervous system.

Can You Eat Raw Green Beans While Pregnant?

We would advise that you avoid overeating raw green beans if you are pregnant or throughout your time being pregnant.

The folic acid that is contained in green beans is actually very good for your body when you are pregnant. Folic acid is needed to protect the fetus against neural tube defects.

The maximum amount of raw green beans we would recommend for you to eat is one cup’s worth per day. One cup of raw green beans can provide 10 percent of folic acid of what your body needs daily. Raw green beans can also provide iron which is needed during pregnancy.

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Can You Eat Raw Green Beans In A Salad?

The quick answer is yes, you can eat raw green beans in a salad.

Raw green beans will not only add color to your salad but also add to the texture, creating a crunch. You can eat them raw in your salad. Or you can boil them to make them softer.

You Can Eat Green Beans Raw Or Cooked

The quick answer is that you can consume both raw and cooked green beans safely. Either form will not harm you.

Cooked green beans have more beneficial properties for the body and have less harmful side effects. Raw green beans taste like a dream. But if you consume too many you could end up with some nasty side effects.

Do you eat raw green beans? Which do you prefer, raw or cooked green beans?

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