Can You Cook Chicken and Beef Together – Yes, But!

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If you’ve ever questioned, “Can I cook beef and chicken together?” you probably wish to whip up something unique and delicious. Still, you may wonder if combining these two as raw meat (or as cooked) is a good idea. In this post, I’ll detail what I think about this issue as well as offer a tip you can use to successfully pull both chicken and beef together.

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Can You Cook Chicken And Beef Together – Yes, But!

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Why Can’t You Cook Chicken and Beef Together?

You can cook chicken and beef together. However, it isn’t recommended.

The reason? The texture, flavors, and cooking temperatures will all be impacted.

Generally speaking, chicken is cooked either for a longer period of time or over higher heat than beef. The reason is that chicken is often more delicate but also may (sometimes) be in need of a longer cooking time to reach the proper internal temperature (165 degrees F).

Cooking beef, on the other hand, isn’t always so methodical. Beef meats can often be cooked at lower temperatures and can even have lower internal temperatures to be considered safe.

Still, even within their own categories, you can expect chicken and beef to need to be cooked differently. Because of this, it is often wisest – and safest – to simply cook these two meats separately.

Is It Safe to Cook Chicken and Beef Together?

I wouldn’t recommend it. While it may be safe in some instances, it can also be risky.

Because it is imperative that you get both meats to achieve the correct internal temperature while also maintaining the texture, cooking chicken and beef together could be very hard. Cooking times would vary greatly and, thus, could yield an undesirable final dish.

How Would the Taste and Texture Be Impacted If You Cook Chicken and Beef Together?

The taste and texture of chicken and beef together could get downright strange. Because chicken is the more delicate meat, it is likely to absorb the flavors of robust and umami beef. And though this may not seem to be so bad, we’re certain you’ll notice the difference when cooking a meal.

Alternately, you’ll also notice a major difference in texture when cooking beef and chicken together. Because chicken can be cooked over a higher temperature and beef over a lower temperature, you’ll notice the beef to become a little tough. This is due to different cooking times and different temperatures.

Once you finish cooking the two together, you’ll likely be disappointed in how your final dish turns out.

What Are Some Other Reasons to Avoid Cooking Chicken and Beef Together?

The main reasons you should avoid cooking chicken and beef together relate to temperature, texture, and taste.

Temperature because in order to safely cook beef and chicken, you need to get each to the correct internal temperature. And though you can easily assess this by using a food thermometer, you may risk one meat being undercooked with the other overcooked.

You’ll also notice texture differences as a result of cooking meats like roast beef, beef steak, chicken breast, and other meat types together. These types of meat all require different cooking times and methods. As such, melding them all together isn’t a good idea.

Lastly, combining both chicken and beef could affect the taste. You likely think chicken and beef together would taste good, and indeed it does when cooked correctly. However, when cooked incorrectly, many recipes can be destroyed because the two flavors don’t complement each other.

The exception to the rule about not cooking chicken and beef together is when cooking on a grill. Cooking these types of meat on the same grill is fine, as the slats on the grill will prevent flavors from melding. Still, you must be certain to use a food thermometer to ensure that all cuts of meat are achieving the correct internal temperatures.

Can You Cook Chicken and Beef Together

Can You Cook Chicken and Beef in the Same Pan?

By now, you probably know that it isn’t a good idea to cook chicken and beef together in the same pan. But despite this, you may still have questions.

Never fear! I’ve got answers!

Check out the following common queries concerning cooking chicken and beef separately.

Can You Slow Cook Beef and Chicken Together?

You probably shouldn’t slow cook chicken and beef together. The beauty of a slow cooker is that it renders all of the juiciness, tenderness, and flavor of having been cooked a long time. However, when the same flavors that come from chicken and beef exit the meat and combines in the same pot, the results are less than stellar.

As a result, I wouldn’t recommend you combine chicken and beef in one pan.

Can You Cook Ground Beef and Ground Chicken Together?

You shouldn’t cook ground chicken and ground beef together for the same recipe. Doing so will render undesirable flavors. This is especially true in this instance since ground beef tends to render a lot of oil while ground chicken does not. The result will be an oily and oddly flavored dish as a result of combining both poultry and beef in the same pan.

Can You Mix Raw Chicken and Beef?

You shouldn’t. Remember that combining raw chicken and beef together can spell trouble because of the higher temperature that chicken often requires. This means that your chicken or beef may remain raw while the other meat ends up fully cooked (or maybe even overcooked!).

Can You Marinate Chicken and Beef Together?

That’s a good question! Yes, you can. However, this isn’t best practice.

Doing this may yield an odd taste in both types of meat. However, if you’re in a pinch and really want to get two meats done at once, you can. But know you may not love the final flavor results.

Can You Cook Chicken And Beef Together – Yes, But!

How to Cook Chicken and Beef Together

Despite all you’ve read here, it is important to note that there is a way you can cook the two meats together without them disturbing one another’s flavor and texture.

So, how should you manage if you need to cook beef and chicken together?

The best thing to do when you need to cook these two meats is to cook them separately. If you need to combine them later, you totally can! At that point, the flavor is already sealed in, and they will only complement one another.

Chicken and Beef Together Recipes

Remember that when cooking beef and chicken together, you must do so separately. Combine the fully cooked steak, chicken, or beef together once it is time to assemble the dish.

Try the following recipes for cooking chicken and beef:

Can You Cook Chicken and Beef Together? Eh…

You technically can cook chicken and beef together, but it isn’t recommended for several reasons. You risk undercooking one meat and overcooking another. Also, you risk altering the textures of the meat. Lastly, you will drastically change the taste of the dish–and not for the better!

Instead, it is far wiser to cook the two meats separately and combine them in the end for the final presentation of your dish. You can even consider serving two completely different chicken and steak recipes side-by-side if you wish.

I hope that helps answer the question, “Can you cook chicken and beef together?” See you next time!


Can you cook 2 meats at the same time?

You can, but know that doing so may change the texture and taste of your meat.

Can you mix ground beef and chicken together?

You can, but try to cook them separately before doing so.

Can cooked chicken and beef be stored together?

It’s recommend to store them separately for the best-tasting results.

Can you cook chicken and beef fajitas together?

Cook chicken and beef separately before combining them for chicken and beef fajitas.

Can you cross contaminated beef and chicken?

Not really. However, you can transfer one flavor to another when cooking which may not taste pleasant.

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