Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets in a Traeger – Interchanging Pellets and Grill Smokers

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If you’ve got a Traeger smoker or grill, you may be wondering, “Can I use Pit Boss pellets in a Traeger?” If you find yourself asking this question, rest assured that you aren’t the only one. In today’s post, we’ll give you the details about whether or not you can use this special brand of pellets in a Traeger. I will also inform you of some of the risks you may assume by doing so.

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Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger – Interchanging Pellets And Grill Smokers

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Traeger Brand

Traeger grills, smokers, pellets, and other barbecuing equipment were developed by Joe Traeger back in 1986.

Today, this grilling brand remains one of the most popular and well-respected brands in the barbecuing industry. This is likely due to their reputation for producing high-quality equipment and materials that effortlessly produce delicious-tasting food with ease.

Having said this, Traeger’s reputation also comes with a cost, as Traeger offers their high-quality products at a steeper price point than many other brands.

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Pit Boss Brand

Pit Boss was started in 1999 by Dan Theissen, along with his sons Jordan and Jeff.

Shortly after the expiration of the Trager patent, this clan set out to create something similar, with similar attributes to the beloved Traeger. The key difference? The Pit Boss equipment was (and still often is) sold at a much lower price point than that of Traeger. As a result, Pit Boss became extremely popular, and now the two brands continue to duel (hypothetically) for the top spot in the hearts of grill lovers everywhere.

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Can Traeger Grills Use Pit Boss Pellets?

Yes, Traeger grills can use Pit Boss pellets.

In fact, there is very little difference between these wooden pellets. Both are all-natural hardwood pellets. They are high-quality pellets. Both can be used in Traeger pellet grills.

Can a Traeger Grill Use Pit Boss Pellets?

Remember, you can certainly use Pit Boss pellets in a Traeger grill. So, why is it that you may have heard otherwise? There are several answers to this question.

Does Using Pit Boss Pellets Void the Warranty on a Traeger Grill?

When purchasing a Traeger Pellet Grill or Traeger Pellet Smoker, there is a warranty included with the equipment. Online, the warranty can be read as follows:

This warranty shall be void if the unit is not assembled or operated in accordance with the operation instructions provided with this unit; the unit is resold or traded to another owner; components, accessories, or fuels not compatible with the unit have been used; the unit has been used in commercial or food service application; or the user has abused or otherwise failed to maintain the unit.”

Because of the above statements, people have assumed that the company is threatening customers with a void warranty if they decide to use pellets that aren’t specifically made by Traeger. However, this isn’t the case. Rather, the company is expressing that using fuels that aren’t compatible with the Traeger unit may void the warranty.

Can You Use Pit Boss Pellets in a Traeger?

Yes, you can!

But if you still aren’t satisfied with the above explanation of the statements within Traeger’s warranty, consider the following statements issued by Traeger directed toward providing more clarity on their warranty statements:

You are free to use any brand food-quality grill pellets with your Traeger without fear of voiding its warranty. Home heating pellets have adjuncts, binders/glues, biomass, and softwood that will create performance and reliability problems that are not covered by warranty.”

In other words, there are other pellets that you may use with your Traeger grills, however, if these pellets create issues in performance and reliability because of the additives they use, those particular malfunctions can not be rightly covered by warranty.

Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger – Interchanging Pellets And Grill Smokers

Can You Use Any Pellets in a Traeger?

Yes! You may actually use any pellets in your Traeger. But that doesn’t mean that you should.

Allow me to explain.

Not all wood pellets are created equal. As Traeger mentioned directly in their above clarifying statement concerning their warranty, some types of wood pellets involve binders, glues, softwoods, adjuncts, and other undesirable traits. These low quality pellets can gunk up your barbecue equipment and thus hinder its performance.

Sure, there is a price difference as these lesser pellet quality picks can be slightly cheaper. But these differences aren’t worth it affecting the performance of your Traeger. Rather, you should stick with high quality pellets, like Pit Boss pellets or Traeger pellets, as these are made with all natural hardwood and won’t affect the performance of your equipment.

Pit Boss Pellets vs Traeger Pellets: Which Is Better?

When it comes to comparing Pit Boss pellets and Traeger pellets, you may be surprised to find out how similar the two are. In fact, one of these pellets is surprisingly often preferred over the other. Can you guess which one?

Both Traeger pellets and Pit Boss pellets are made of high quality hardwood. Neither contain binders, glue, or other unwanted ingredients. Both produce high-quality tastes with a complex smokey flavor that you’d expect from a good wood pellet.

Having said this, you may be surprised to learn that Pit Boss pellets can sometimes be desired over Traeger pellets, despite the cheaper price differences. The reason? Many attest that Pit Boss pellets don’t produce the off-taste that some Traeger may when exposed to higher temperatures.

However, not everyone agrees with this point. In addition, many people love that Pit Boss offers more variety when it comes to Pit Boss pellet flavors to suit differing taste buds. It is for these reasons, along with the cheaper price point, that many are reaching for Pit Boss pellets over Traeger pellets.

Note: Like with anything food-related, whether or not Pit Boss or Traeger pellets are more desirable will come down to personal taste and preference. We’d encourage you to try both and see which you prefer before drawing any conclusions.

Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets in a Traeger

Are Pellet Grill Pellets Interchangeable?

Yes, pellet grill pellets are interchangeable. As long as you know that the pellets that you are using are food-grade, you can feel free to use whatever pellets you want.

Having said that, it is important to remember that not all food-grade pellets are created equal.

As previously mentioned, some pellets may contain binders and additives that may give off an odd taste and may also yield off flavors. In addition, these pellets can sometimes create “gunk” in, on, and around barbequing equipment which can render the equipment dysfunctional. Therefore, it is imperative that you select high-quality food-grade pellets for your pellet grill or smoker.

Can You Use Any Pellets in Any Smoker?

You can, but be careful. Although you can use any pellets in any smoker, you need to make sure you are using those that are food grade. Other pellet types that exist are called “heating pellets” and are pellets that are used in fireplaces, furnaces, and boilers. You should never use these types of pellets in grills and smokers as they aren’t food grade and could prove harmful to your health.

Can a Pit Boss Use Traeger Pellets?

Yes, a Pit Boss can use Traeger pellets just as a Traeger can use Pit Boss pellets. The key is to ensure that the pellets you use are 100% hardwood pellets to ensure quality, even burning, and no damage done to your grill, smoker, and other barbecuing equipment.

Can You Use Traeger Pellets in a Pit Boss?

Remember that both a Pit Boss and Traeger grill or smoker can utilize the other’s pellets interchangeably. This means that you can use Traeger pellets in a Pit Boss and Pit Boss pellets in a Traeger without any issues.

Are Pit Boss Pellets As Good as Traeger Pellets?

Not only are Pit Boss pellets as good as Traeger pellets, but they also may be a little better.

Before we proceed, I want you to understand what I am not saying. 

I am not saying that Pit Boss pellets actually perform better than Traeger. Though some might say that this is actually the case, most will say that both Pit Boss and Traeger pellets perform similarly, even despite their price difference. In addition, both pellet types have good moisture content, are made of 100% hardwood, and contain no artificial ingredients or flavors.

Instead, the main factors that make Pit Boss a bit more attractive over Traeger pellets are that they are cheaper, offer more (natural) flavors, and you can get more pellets in a bag. This paired with stellar performance makes it so that Pit Boss is not only comparable to Traeger pellets but may even be preferred over Traeger pellets.

Who knew?

Traeger Pellets vs Pit Boss Pellets

Still unsure whether Traeger pellets or Pit boss wood pellets are right for you? here’s a brief review of how they differ:

  • Traeger pellets: Awesome performance, no artificial ingredients, 100% pure hardwood, six flavors, can be pricier than Pit Boss
  • Pit Boss pellets: Performance similar to Traeger pellets, no artificial ingredients, 100% pure hardwood pellets, 10+ flavors (flavor selection and availability subject to change)

What Are Pit Boss Pellets Made Of?

Remember that both Pit Boss wood pellets and Traeger pellets are made of 100% hardwood. When formulated, the hardwood used is first dried and then ground. It is then put under pressure using extreme heat and coated with wood’s natural lignin. The final result is the flavor-infused all-natural pellets you know and love today.

Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets In A Traeger – Interchanging Pellets And Grill Smokers

Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets in a Traeger? Actually, Yes!

Yes, you can use Pit Boss pellets in a Traeger, and yes, you can use Trager pellets in a Pit Boss. As long as you are using food-grade pellets that are 100% hardwood, you can use any pellet brand in a pellet smoker or grill.

Remember that if you choose to use lower-quality pellets, you run the risk of your food developing off-tastes, odors, and flavors. You also run the risk of messing up your equipment.

Whatever you do, be sure not to use “heating” pellets designed to be used in a fireplace, heater, or furnace for your grill or smoker. They aren’t the same thing!

Hope this has helped! See you next time.


Can I use Bear Mountain pellets in my Traeger?

Yes. According to Bear Mountain, all of their pellets are compatible with any type of grill or smoker.

Can you use Weber pellets in a Traeger smoker?

Yes, you can use Weber pellets in a Traeger smoker.

Are pellet grill pellets interchangeable?

In most cases, yes. Just be sure to use pure hardwood pellets without additives or fillers for the best results. Never use “heating” pellets used in boilers, furnaces, or fireplaces. These aren’t the same.

Can you use a Traeger without pellets?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot use a Traeger pellet grill without pellets.

Are all wood pellets the same?

No. there are some wood pellets that are cheaper that contain fillers and binders. Though cheaper, they aren’t worth buying. Stick to wood pellets that are made of 100% pure hardwood.

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