Can I Make Tea in a Coffee Maker – The Answer Might Surprise You

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If you’re wondering, “can I make tea in a coffee maker?” it’s likely because you’re looking for another way to brew your tea, while making the most of the appliances you already have. We hear you! While making tea the traditional way isn’t hard, it certainly never hurts to speed things up a bit. In this post, we’ll answer the question of whether or not tea can be made in a coffee maker as well as answer several other tea-making related questions. So, be sure to stick around, and we’re getting started right now!

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Can I Make Tea In A Coffee Maker

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Can Tea Be Made in a Coffee Maker?

Can tea be made in a coffee maker? The answer is yes!

We know what you’re thinking. The tea that comes from a coffee maker can’t possibly be as good as one made the traditional way. Right?

Well, in some ways you’re correct. Tea that is brewed improperly in a coffee maker will yield definitely weaker results.

But don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for! Stick around for how to brew your tea in a coffee maker the right way, coming right up.

can you make tea in a coffee maker

How to Steep Tea in a Coffee Maker

There are two ways to make tea in a standard drip coffee maker.

Method #1: Use the Filter (Best For Loose Leaf Tea)

The first way to employ a coffee maker when crafting tea is to utilize the coffee filter.

  • To do this, simply place 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea into your coffee filter for every 8 oz (or 1 cup) of water.
  • Operate your coffee maker the way you normally would, and out will pop smooth and flavorful tea that you can enjoy immediately.

Note: You may be thinking two teaspoons of loose-leaf tea per 8 oz of water sounds like a lot. You’re right. That’s because a coffee filter can greatly reduce the flavor and strength of your tea. It is for this reason we recommend doubling the amount of loose leaf you normally use when using a coffee filter in a coffee machine for tea.

Method #2: Use the Carafe (Best For Tea Bags)

The next way to make tea in a coffee machine is by adding tea bags to the carafe.

  • For this method, put your tea bags directly into the carafe, rather than into the filter.
  • Once you’ve placed your tea bags in, add your water (about 2 cups for every one tea bag) and turn your machine on.
  • Steep your tea for only 5-7 minutes or the amount of time indicated on the package. Do not over-steep your tea–otherwise, it will end up tasting bitter.

Note: Most tea packets have little square papers on the end of them to make it easier to dip the bag while steeping. If your coffee pot is big and the stringed ends of your tea bags don’t reach far enough to hang out of the carafe, you’ll need to clip the paper and string off. This is to prevent any ink or chemicals on the paper from leaching into your tea during the steeping process.

Can You Use a Coffee Maker to Make Hot Water for Tea?

One bonus way to utilize your coffee maker for making tea is to simply use the coffee maker’s hot water function to quickly brew hot water.

To do this, fill up the water reservoir with the amount of water you need and brew. Use the water that comes out to pour over your tea bags or loose-leaf tea.

When doing this, always rinse out your coffee maker before brewing water for your tea. To do so, run water through the machine the same way you would brew water.

If you don’t perform this step first, whatever you’ve brewed in your coffee maker beforehand (hot chocolate, coffee, or another type of tea) may end up flavoring your drink.

Can I Make Tea in a Coffee Maker

Untraditional Ways to Make Tea in a Coffee Maker

Can You Brew Tea in a Coffee Percolator?

Can you make tea in a percolator? Actually – yes!

You can totally use a percolator to make tea. To do so, simply place loose tea leaves (wrapped in a filter) or a tea bag into the percolator basket. Then, add cold water using the same method you would if you were percolating coffee. Run the percolator for at least one full cycle – the longer you percolate, the stronger the tea will be.

It’s that simple! Just be sure to keep the heat low – if you notice steam coming from your percolator it is likely too hot.

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Can You Make Tea in an Italian Coffee Maker?

Yes! Italian coffee makers, otherwise known as Moka pots, are excellent when used to brew coffee.

Reference the above steps mentioned in “can you brew tea in a coffee percolator?” to find out how.

Can I Make Tea in a Keurig?

Yes, you can make tea in a Keurig. However, you’ll need to use a K-cup to do so.

There are plenty of K-cup teas on the market, so take your pick depending on which tea tastes best to you.

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Can You Make Green Tea in Coffee Maker?

Green tea is an amazing option to make in a coffee maker. In fact, green tea can be a substitute for your morning brew as it comes already caffeinated.

Just be sure to run water through your coffee machine before brewing to prevent coffee-tasting green tea from making its way into your mug. Gross!

Making Indian Tea in Coffee Maker

Indian tea, otherwise known as “Chai tea“, is a popular tea type that can definitely be made in a coffee maker.

To do so, follow the steps detailed above according to the type of tea (loose or bagged) that you have.

Can I Make Tea In A Coffee Maker – The Answer Might Surprise You

How to Make Iced Tea in a Coffee Maker?

To make iced tea in a coffee maker, choose either method 1 or 2 as mentioned previously, according to the type of tea you have. If you plan to serve the tea over ice, consider using even more tea leaves than instructed, as the ice will dilute the drink.

Steep your tea for about 5-7 minutes (if using tea bags) then switch off the heating plate on your coffee maker.

Allow your tea to cool completely to room temperature, about 1 hour.

Once cool, add sugar, pure maple syrup, honey, stevia, or other sweetener to taste.

Transfer to a jar or pitcher, and place it in the refrigerator to cool.

Serve over ice or enjoy chilled.

How to Make Sweet Tea in a Coffee Maker?

To make sweet tea in a coffee maker, follow the aforementioned basic directions for making tea in a coffee maker. Then, add your choice of sweetener to the brewed tea after the steeping process is complete.

Note: Adding sweetener while steeping may interrupt the process and yield unwanted results. Be sure to store your tea properly to keep it as fresh as possible.

A simple lemon ice tea

Yes…You CAN Make Tea in a Coffee Maker!

Making tea in a coffee maker is a bit different from making coffee–- but only slightly. By following these recommended methods, you’ll be sure to have bold and smooth-tasting tea with only the click of a button.

Who knew?


Can you use coffee filter for tea?

Yes, you can use a coffee filter for loose-leaf tea. However, you will need to double the amount of tea you normally use, as coffee filters dramatically reduce the strength of the tea. 

How many tea bags do you use in a coffee maker?

Wondering how many tea bags in coffee maker? Place one tea bag in the carafe for every 2 cups of tea.

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