“Can Beer Make You Drunk?” and Other Beer-Related Questions

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Can beer make you drunk? It certainly can. But what types of beer and how many of them can send you into a drunken stupor? We will answer that and more in today’s post.

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How Many Beers Does It Take to Get Drunk?

If you’re an avid drinker, you’ve likely asked questions like “How Long to Chill Beer in Freezer?” and “How Much Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea?” But how many beers does it take to get drunk? We’ve got all the answers you need!

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How Many Beers to Get Drunk?

On average, it can take a male that is 190 lbs about 4-5 beers to get drunk, and a female that is 160 lbs aout 3-4 beers, assuming they drink all the beers in one hour.

How Many Beers to Get Drunk by Weight?

The answer to this will vary, but generally speaking, the less you weigh the less amount of beer it will take to get you drunk.

Conversely, the more you weigh, the more beers it’ll take to get drunk.

For example, a woman that is 120 pounds and consumes 5 beers will likely be drunk if she consumes these beers over a time span of three hours.

How Many Bottles of Beer Can Make You Drunk?

Can One Can Of Beer Make You Drunk?

Most likely not, however, you may start feeling “loose” and uninhibited after having a drink, depending on your weight and tolerance for alcohol.

Can 1 Bottle of Beer Make You Drunk?

Since being “drunk” is technically considered as having a blood-alcohol level of over 0.8%, most people aren’t likely to get drunk off of one bottle of beer.

Can 4 Beer Cans Make You Drunk?

Yes, four cans of beer can potentially make you drunk, especially if the cans of beer were consumed in a relatively short amount of time.

Does One Can of Beer Make You Drunk?

One can of beer will most likely not make you legally drunk, although you may feel the after effects of having consumed a bottle of beer.

Can Two Bottles of Beer Make You Drunk?

Depending on how much you weigh and how quickly you drank these two beers, it is possible that you could get drunk, or at least quite tipsy, after downing two bottles of beer.

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How Much Beer Can Make You Drunk?

Can Half a Can of Beer Make You Drunk?

Probably not. Even one can is unlikely to have enough of an effect on adult people to make them drunk, so half of a can shouldn’t be of much concern.

Can 3 Sips of Beer Make You Drunk?

Three sips of beer is unlikely to make an adult person drunk.

Can 24 Ounces of Beer Make You Drunk?

Assuming that your can of beer is approximately 12oz, you can expect two cans of beer, or 24 ounces, not to get you entirely drunk, however, you may feel “buzzed” after consuming this many drinks.

Does 1 Beer Affect You?

Can One Beer Get You Drunk First Time?

It generally doesn’t. But drinking a can of beer for the first time may make you feel a little different than you normally do. Especially if you drink the beer abnormally fast.

Can One Beer Make You Legally Drunk?

Since legally drunk refers to a blood-alcohol level that is 0.8% or above, the answer to this is no in most cases.

Does Beer Make You Drunk Faster?

In most cases, hard alcohol or liquor will get you drunk faster than beer. This is because the alcoholic content in these drinks is much higher.

Is It Harder to Get Drunk on Beer?

It can be. Because commercialized beers tend to have lower alcoholic content, it can be more difficult to get drunk on beer as quickly as you would hard liquor.

Is Beer Worse than Liquor?

That depends.

If by “worse” you mean “has more alcohol” then no, beer is not worse than liquor. Beer has less alcohol than liquor.

Having said that, consuming a lot of beer in a short amount of time is relatively easy. Thus, you might feel the effects of the alcohol just as quickly as liquor if you chug a lot of beer in a short period.

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What Types of Beer Can Make You Drunk?

It can, especially if you find that you are drinking your homemade brew quicker from a glass than you do a bottle.

Moreover, you probably will have fewer inhibitions about drinking more of your beer at home than you would if you were out and about and were drinking from a can.

Thus, you may find that your home-brew gets you drunk much faster than a commercialized can.

Can Normal Root Beer Make You Drunk?

Typical sweet and non-alcoholic root beer cannot get you drunk. There are versions of root beer that are alcoholic though, so be sure not to get the two confused.

Can Non Alcoholic Beer Make You Drunk?


Though many non-alcoholic beers do contain a little alcohol, there isn’t enough alcohol in them to affect you. Your body processes the amount of alcohol in these drinks almost immediately. And this is true no matter how many non-alcoholic beers you drink.

Can Ginger Beer Make You Drunk?

Most ginger beers do not contain alcohol, so the answer to this question is no. Still, be sure to check that your ginger beer is indeed alcohol-free before chugging one down–just to be safe.

Drunk on Beer FAQs

Can drinking beer in the heat make you drunk faster?

Yes, drinking alcohol in the heat can get you drunk faster because you have less fluid in your body cells in hot weather. This makes alcohol in your body more concentrated leading to you getting drunk much faster than you would in other conditions.

Can drinking warm beer make you more drunk?

In some cases, drinking warm alcohol may cause your body to be better able to absorb the alcohol, making intoxication happen faster and easier than a cold alcoholic beverage. 

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How Much Beer Can Affect You Depends on Several Factors

All in all, how much beer will make you drunk will be dependent on your body weight, how much you drink, and how fast you drink. Make sure to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel if you feel buzzed or intoxicated. Stay safe!

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