Boiled Zucchini – How To and Recipe

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Zucchini (or the courgette) is an incredibly healthy vegetable that is full of various health benefits. Some of these benefits are also beauty related as this vegetable will keep you looking young and fresh for years to come. Not only is zucchini healthy, but it is also incredibly versatile and can be used in a plethora of different dishes ranging all the way from homely meals to Mediterranean salads.

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Boiled Zucchini – How To And Recipe

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Boiling Zucchini – Step-by-Step

Boiling a zucchini is incredibly easy and can be done by almost anyone. It is simple and requires little effort yet will result in a delicious snack that you can enjoy.

Most importantly, you should pay attention to what zucchini you choose. The larger the vegetable, the longer the cooking time is. Unless you are planning to only partially cook the vegetable and use it in a different recipe, large zucchinis are not recommended. A good medium-sized one is all you will need.


  1. The size of the pan you use is also very important. You want a pan that is large enough for the zucchini to be fully submerged, yet you do not want a pan too big otherwise the water will take ages to boil.
  2. Once you have chosen your pan, fill it with enough water to submerge the zucchini. Adding too much water will cause the pan to overflow when you add the zucchini.
  3. Now that your water has been added, you will want to add a pinch of salt to it. Mix the salt in until it has dissolved into the water. This salt will partially flavor your zucchini as well as help it boil faster. Cover your pan with a lid and wait for the water to start boiling.


While the water is boiling or getting to that point, you can take this time to prepare your zucchini. It is very important that you wash your vegetable to remove any leftover pesticides or dust. This should be common practice with all fruits and vegetables.

  1. Once your zucchini is clean, cut off both ends. This will give you a nice uniform shape to work with, which will help you evenly cook the zucchini.
  2. Once you have sliced off the ends, you will want to peel the zucchini. You can do this however you want, although a sharp peeler is recommended as it is much safer than using a knife. No matter how long it is boiled or cooked for, zucchini skin (like eggplant skin) does not soften so it is essential to remove the skin.
  3. When you are left with a fully peeled zucchini, you can decide how you want it cut. By far, the easiest route is to slice it by cutting the vegetable horizontally. It is good practice to try and make sure that all slices are the same thickness so that they cook evenly. If your slices are varying too much in size, some of the pieces will be done boiling while other slices will still have ages left.
  4. After this, you can add your zucchini slices to the boiling water. When removing the lid, be careful as the hot steam can burn you. Tossing the zucchini into the water could also lead to burns as it will make the water splash. The safest way to do this is to either gently drop the pieces in, or lower them in using a spoon, ladle, or slotted spoon.
  5. When your zucchini slices are in the water, cover the pan again with the lid and allow your zucchini to boil for around 5 minutes.
  6. Once you feel the zucchini is done, poke the thickest part with a sharp knife. If the slice feels consistently soft throughout, it is done.


Now that the zucchini is boiled, all that’s left to do is serve it.

  1. To do this, you will need to separate the water from the slices. This can easily be done by either taking your pan over to the sink and straining the zucchini with a sieve or colander or by using a slotted spoon to lift the zucchini out of the water.
  2. Plate the zucchini slices as you see fit and season them before serving.
Boiled Zucchini – How To And Recipe

Tips and Tricks for Boiled Zucchini

While boiling zucchini slices is a simple enough task, there are always going to be ways that you can be more efficient or tips that can help you out if you are stuck.

Some of the best tips for this are:

  • Covering the pan with a lid will speed up the cooking time
  • Use any heat-resistant plate as an alternative to a plate
  • Never leave your boiling water unattended in case the water boils over and spills
  • If the zucchinis are going to be used in a separate recipe after this, do not fully boil them

How Long Does it Take to Boil Zucchini?

Boiling a zucchini takes, on average, 5 minutes. Leaving the pan uncovered will increase the time this takes as a lot of the heat will be evaporating into the air.

Covering your pan with a lid will raise the overall temperature of the water and will also steam the zucchini as well, leading to a quicker cooking time.

Assuming you are using roughly 250 g of zucchini, the table below shows the estimated cooking times. These may also vary depending on how thick your slices are. The thicker they are, the longer they will take to boil properly and cook all the way through. Having your slices be consistently half an inch thick will lead to very even cooking.

Covered/UncoveredCooking Time
Uncovered pan5 to 7 minutes
Covered pan3 to 5 minutes
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Is Zucchini Good Boiled?

Boiled zucchini can be an insanely quick and easy vegan-friendly snack for anyone to enjoy. Not only is this a delicious snack, but there is also an abundance of nutrients and vitamins in zucchini that make it very healthy. There is a high fiber content as well as anti-aging properties found in this simple snack. It is best to season the zucchini once it is boiled to further improve the flavor.

FAQs on Boiled Zucchini

What does boiled zucchini taste like?

Zucchini has a very mild flavor that is easy to change when seasoned. The flavor is slightly sweet and a bit bitter, although once cooked the sweet flavors are much more noticeable.

Do zucchini turn slimy when boiled?

When roasted, it is easy to have your zucchini turn out soggy. This is avoided by elevating the zucchini so that it does not absorb any moisture. However, when boiling zucchini slices, it does not become slimy. It will just be wet from the water.

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