Baking Chocolate Vs Dark Chocolate – Which is Better?

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Baking chocolate and dark chocolate almost seem like the same thing, but they’re not. There are some key distinctions between these two chocolates that can make a difference to the overall taste of the bake. In this article we’re going to compare baking chocolate vs dark chocolate and try to decide which one is better for your needs.

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Baking Chocolate Vs Dark Chocolate: Sweetness

The difference is very clear when you taste them. Baking chocolate has near to no sweetness, whereas dark chocolate is strong, bitter but still a little sweet.

Baking chocolate consists of 100% cacao, making it very bitter and ideal for cooking. This type of chocolate is often very solid and snaps easily, again making it very convenient and easy to manage when cooking. The baking type of chocolate also has no sugar in it, meaning that to many, it’s unpleasant to eat by itself.

Dark chocolate ranges from containing 70-90% cacao and will contain a slight bit of sugar, making it more edible when eating it by itself.

Of course, there are different types of baking chocolate that are sweeter, just like there are varieties of dark chocolate that are more bitter. You might find that there is semisweet, bittersweet and unsweetened baking chocolate.

Both baking chocolate and dark chocolate are suitable when cooking, with the main differences being how sweet the chocolate is.

powdered chocolate on cake

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Baking Chocolate Vs Dark Chocolate: The Pros

Baking Chocolate Pros

A baking chocolate can also come in a semisweet chocolate, which is made up from 70% cacao. This semisweet baking chocolate still isn’t the best to eat on its own, as it is designed for cooking. Semisweet baking chocolate is best used when making chocolate tortes, chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate sauce and chocolate mousse.

The most common types of baking chocolates are unsweetened and bittersweet. These types contain a higher percent of cocoa solids which is beneficial to our health. Cocoa contains flavonoids, which improve nitric oxide levels in our blood. This improvement can reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Dark Chocolate Pros

Unlike baking chocolate, dark chocolate is not designed for baking or cooking but can still be a great replacement. As the cacao content is still high, dark chocolate is great when used in pudding, fudge, candy making, caramel turtles and hot chocolate. Dark chocolate can be used when a sweeter taste is desired and works well with other ingredients.

Chocolate bars in general are known to be bad for our health due to its general sugar and fat content. But it is recommended that eating dark chocolate daily can have health benefits. Dark chocolate, just like baking chocolate, can provide high levels of cocoa. These health benefits also include boosting brain power and may improve mood and symptoms of depression

Dark Chocolate For Baking

Dark chocolate can be a great substitute for baking chocolate in pretty much any recipe. As dark chocolate is high in cocoa and lower in sugar, it’s less likely that the chocolate will burn when melted.

dark chocolate for baking

For Cooking, Stick with Baking Chocolate.

When cooking baking, it may be best to stick with baking chocolate as it’s reliable and is guaranteed to work with other ingredients and not burn. For eating, we recommend dark chocolate over baking chocolate. Though it’s such a close call, they’re both winners.

Which is your favorite, baking chocolate or dark chocolate? Which chocolate do you use when cooking?


Is Baker’s Chocolate The Same As Dark Chocolate?

No baker’s chocolate and dark chocolate are different.

Baker’s chocolate is made up from 100% cocoa and is designed for cooking and mixing with other ingredients. Whereas dark chocolate is designed for eating alone and contains other ingredients, such as sugar and milk.

Can I Use Dark Chocolate Instead Of Baking Chocolate?

Yes! But be careful which one you go for. It’s better to avoid dark chocolate that contains milk and a lot of other ingredients, as this may not combine well with the other ingredients in your recipe. It’s best to find a dark chocolate that is very similar to baking chocolate. Aim to get 80-90% cocoa dark chocolate. 

Is Dark Chocolate Better for Baking?

Dark chocolate isn’t better for baking, as it contains a mixture of ingredients and is less predictable to work with. Often dark chocolate is more expensive and comes in less chunky pieces meaning it may not be cost effective to use all dark chocolate for your recipe.

Is Baker’s Chocolate Good?

Baker’s chocolate is great for cooking but not for eating. For many, Baker’s chocolate is too strong and bitter to eat alone. Baker’s chocolate is the best option when it comes to cooking, as it combines well with other ingredients and is easy to use.

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  1. Baking chocolate definitely does not always consist of 100% cacao. It can be unsweetened, but it usually is sweetened and then it can (obviously) not consist of 100% cacao.

  2. Hi Anna, I’m Neil. Just read your article. I’ve actually been eating Baker pure unsweetened dark chocolate everyday for over a year. I really thought that it was just pure unsweetened dark chocolate. I love the taste of it and eat 1 oz / 4 squares everyday sometimes more. Lol. So now I’m not sure if I should be trying to find a raw Cacao nib or powder to use to get the health benefits ai thought I was getting all this time from the bakers chocolate.

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