Air fryer Hash Browns – Your Guide to a Homemade McDonalds Breakfast

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Hash browns at home have never been simpler since the air fryer has taken the world by storm. These tasty treats taste just as good as the ones from McDonald’s and maybe even better, knowing you didn’t even need to leave the house to get them!

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Using the air fryer to make these is a perfect option, giving you the taste of deep-fried goodness while giving the health perks of oven cooking them. Whether you are using frozen hash browns or want to make your own, keep reading to find an easy recipe and how to best cook these tasty breakfast sides.

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Why Should I Use an Air Fryer to Cook Hash Browns?

If you want to make crispy hash browns at home, it can be really difficult to make them the same way they do at McDonalds or when you buy them in any other restaurant. You would otherwise use your oven, which can often overcook the top side, while the underside remains a little soggy.

Deep-frying at home can be difficult. Imagine, the oil gets everywhere and causes a bad smell in your kitchen that really lingers. This is why air fryers are such great alternatives. They don’t cause any smells like deep-frying does but can cook just as well (arguably even better).

Air frying is also so much healthier than deep frying because you use little to no oil in comparison to a deep fryer.

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Recipe for Air Fryer Hash Browns


  • Hash browns (frozen or homemade)
  • Garlic
  • Paprika
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to make air fryer hash browns

  1. Combine the ingredients

    In a large bowl, add your frozen hash browns, and add the garlic, paprika, salt, and pepper. Mix all of the ingredients to combine.
    You can pull apart the hash brown patties to make shredded hash browns which will give a really crispy result.

  2. Add to air fryer

    Add the hash browns to the air fryer, giving each one a little space in between each one so they can cook evenly on the outside.
    If cooking from frozen, you can add the hash browns before pre-heating your air fryer and use this as a way to thaw them without letting them get mushy.

  3. Cook

    Cook the hash browns at 400 Degrees Fahrenheit for 10-12 minutes.

  4. Make batches

    Depending on the size of your air fryer, you may need to make batches of this as you want to give the hash browns each some space within the air fryer.
    If you like your hash browns a little crispier, you may need to leave them cook a little longer.

Air Fryer Hash Browns – Your Guide To A Homemade Mcdonalds Breakfast

How long Should I Cook Hash Browns in the Air Fryer?

The answer to this really depends on the model of air fryer that you have. If you have a smaller version, then you may need to leave it in a little longer, A larger model may need less time.

10-12 minutes is usually the length of time I leave mine in for. But if you’re looking for more of a crisp, you can leave in for 2-3 minutes longer.

If you would like an even easier run through the recipe, below is an easy-to-follow video that explains an even easier way to make these hash browns.


Why Are my Hash Browns not Crispy?

The reason that hash browns don’t come out crispy is that there is too much moisturize in them. This can also be caused if the hash browns are touching each other while air frying.
If they have reached the cooking time and are not crispy enough for you , you can press them in a clean kitchen towel or even paper towels in order to remove as much moisture as possible. You could put them back in the air fryer and let them cool in there as this would help to make it even crispier.

What is the Best Oil to Use in the Air Fryer?

The first step to making food in the air fryer crispy is giving it a spritz of oil before cooking. I like to use low-calorie spray and it will give good coverage while keeping the hash browns much healthier than if they were deep fried.
If you want to try some other oils for your air fryer, I also recommend using canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, or avocado oil. These have very high smoking points meaning they won’t smell up the kitchen or cause smoke to be produced.
You can buy a sprayer in which you put your oil which is great to ensure that the oil is evenly spread across the hash browns, which will crisp up your hash browns nicely.

How Long Does it Take for Hash Browns to Cook in the Air Fryer?

At a temperature of approximately 375 degrees Fahrenheit, you can cook hash browns for 15 minutes. Ensure that you shake the basket roughly halfway through so they cook evenly throughout.

How Do you Make Frozen Hash Browns Crispy?

Make sure that you don’t pile them too high within the air fryer basket. It is best to give each hash brown a little space so they’re cooked evenly throughout. Give the hash browns a spray of cooking oil to really give them an extra crisp!

Should I Thaw Frozen Hash Browns?

If you’re using your air fryer, you don’t need to thaw the hash browns before cooking. You can use the pre-heat setting of your air fryer as the way to thaw your hash browns. This also prevents them from becoming mushy.

Can You Reheat Hash Browns?

Yes, you can! If you pop the hash browns back in the air fryer for 5 to 7 minutes, this will perfectly heat up your crispy hash browns again. Like most other foods, do not reheat more than once.

Air Fryer Hash Browns – Your Guide To A Homemade Mcdonalds Breakfast

Bringing McDonald’s Breakfast to Your Kitchen

These hash browns are a super easy way of bringing such an iconic breakfast item to your kitchen in a healthier, tastier way.

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