Air Fryer Breakfast Sandwich – Instructions And Frozen Prep Recipe

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Whether it’s for meal prep or just to toast a tasty treat, an air fryer breakfast sandwich can be incredibly convenient. However, if you’re not used to an air fryer, it can seem tricky to figure out.

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Rest assured because in this article, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about toasting sandwiches and breads in the air fryer. Not only that, but I’ll also be guiding you through air frying a frozen breakfast sandwich. The recipe at the end will instruct the creating of your sandwich with tips on what’s best for freezing, as well as how to freeze it and how to heat it from frozen in the air fryer.

After this, you’ll never have to reheat pizza in the air fryer again! So, lets get started.

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Sandwich ready to freeze for airfryer breakfast sandwich

General Queries about Air Frying Sandwiches

Before getting into the recipe, I’ll be answering some common questions about air-frying sandwiches here. You’ll be able to find out whether you can toast a sandwich in an air fryer, how well it compares to other methods, as well as how long using these methods take.

So let’s get into it!

Breakfast sandwich reheated in an air fryer made of a crossaint on a white plate with fruit

1) Can You Put A Breakfast Sandwich In The Air Fryer?

Yes, you can put breakfast sandwiches in the air fryer, so long as it isn’t excessively over-filled/prone to falling apart. To toast a breakfast sandwich in the air fryer, just do the same as you would for any sandwich!

Check the questions below for a walkthrough on how to do so.

2) Can You Use An Air Fryer To Toast A Sandwich?

You can absolutely use an air fryer to toast a sandwich! You just have to be careful not to burn it.

To toast your sandwich, place it in the air fryer and cook for 350 degrees for 5 minutes – this is best when your sandwich has cheese, but if you prefer a lightly toasted sandwich, check in at around 3 minutes.

3) How Long Does It Take To Air Fry A Sandwich?

Depending on the strength of your air fryer and your personal preference, it takes roughly around 5 minutes to toast a sandwich in the air fryer. If you like your toast a little darker and crispier, leave it on for an extra minute.

4) How Do You Toast A Croissant In An Air Fryer?

To toast a crossaint in the air fryer, soray down your fryer basket with some non stick cooking spray. Place your croissant with fillings in the basket and let it cook at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. If unsure, let them cook until browned and the cheese is melted. Let them cool for a few minutes afterwards, then enjoy! Keep any leftovers in a secure container in the fridge.

Alternatively, if you’re not feeling the air fryer, there are plenty of other ways to warm up croissants.

How To Cook Frozen Breakfast Sandwich In Air Fryer

Makes: 1 sandwich

Preparation Time:Defrost n’ Fry Time:
10 minutes9 – 30 minutes
19 – 30 minutes total

I created this recipe in mind with the idea of making sandwiches in bulk for freezing so you have plenty of quick, ready to eat options available. For this reason, I’ve listed the ingredients for 1 sandwich. This way, you can easily adjust them to fit your needs and make a batch as big or as small as needed. Then, all you need to do is add some dino nuggets to your air fryer and lunch is ready for your kid!

Breakfast bagels on a tray for making an air fryer breakfast sandwich


Bagel, croissant, señorita bread or an English muffin
Cheese slices
2 – 3 strips of crispy bacon
1 egg
2 sausages of your choice (optional)
Cheddar cheese, grated
Paprika and salt


1) Preparation

  1. Begin by, of course, building your sandwich! Well…. Sorta. Because, as Binging With Babish puts it, ‘moisture is the enemy of the freezer’ we’re gonna have to do a little prep. First, choose the bread you’re gonna go with – we’re going to be pre-toasting it. Either toast it in the oven, toaster, or air fryer (follow my instructions mentioned earlier for toasting croissants). Take them out when lightly toasting – be sure to check in so they don’t burn or over-toast. After toasting, let them cool for 5 minutes then cut them in half and let them cool again.
  2. Whilst your bread is toasting, get out that saucepan and start preparing your bacon and sausages (you can swap this out for spam, or any other breakfast sandwich meat). Pop them into the pan on low-medium heat and cover with a lid so they heat evenly. If you want, you can de-case and smash the sausages. I like to use caramelized onion sausages, but you can also use some pan-fried or air-fried boudin! Let them fry for a while, flipping occasionally. Once cooked to your desired texture or until browned (avoid undercooking the bacon), take them out of the pan and spread them on a plate to cool.
  3. Without throwing out the grease or washing the pan, add your egg(s) and scramble them. As soon as you add them to the pan and scramble, throw in some salt and paprika to taste. Then, continue to scramble. Once they’re half-way cooked, add in a small handful of grated cheddar cheese and continue scrambling until cooked. When they’re ready, set them aside on a plate to cool. Make sure to spread out the egg so it cools faster. Once everything is cooled to at least room temperature, you’re ready for assembly!

2) Freezing

  1. Make 100% sure that everything is cooled to, at the very least, room temperature before starting. Begin by taking your cut bread halves and adding a slice of cheese to each. This will work to insulate your bread from the ingredients with a higher moisture content. The purpose of doing this is so that when you reheat your sandwich, it won’t get soggy from the other ingredients. If you’re making a breakfast bagel, it will also keep your ingredients from falling through the hole. After doing this, add in the said Soggy Ingredients to one half – this is the meats used as well as the scrambled egg. Close the sandwich with the other half, making sure to leave the cheese in front of the bread. This is a great method to use for frozen food prep – I even use it to prepare my stovetop quesadillas for a future rainy day.
  2. Now, time for wrapping! Take some parchment paper, wax wraps, or cling film and tightly wrap your sandwiches, one at a time. Then, take some aluminum foil (wrap a second time if using wax wraps) and tightly wrap them second time. This is to prevent freezer burn. Alternatively, you can put all of your sandwiches in a well-fitting glass Tupperware/container, so long as it has a tight seal when closed and is of good quality. This is important as low quality glass Tupperware can crack when frozen. When they’re all ready, just pop them into your freezer!

3) Defrosting And Air Frying

  1. The first step to reheating a frozen sandwich is to defrost it, at least partially. To do this, I like to put the sandwich on a plate somewhere warm or in the sun for about half an hour. Be sure to keep it away from bugs and pets in the mean time (use a cake cover or something adjacent). If this isn’t possible, I’ll run you through a different method you can use in the next step.
  2. To skip the defrosting stage, you’re gonna have to undo some of the work from earlier. Take your sandwich out of the freezer, then open it up. You’re basically going to want to split it into halves again – one half bread, cheese, and some filling, the other half the same. Put both slices of bread in your air fryer (filling sides up, of course), then fry at 340 ºF for 6 minutes. Before frying, take the opportunity to add in any sauces or condiments you’d like.
  3. After defrosting, all you have to do is place your sandwich in the air fryer and fry at 340 ºF for 2-3 minutes. If you defrosted your sandwich in the air fryer, just reassemble it and do the same.
Air Fryer Breakfast Sandwich

Air Frying Breakfast Sandwich: FAQs

Can sandwich be made in air fryer?

You can put sandwiches in the air fryer, so long as it isn’t excessively over-filled/prone to falling apart.

How long do you put a breakfast sandwich in the air fryer?

Depending on the strength of your air fryer and your personal preference, it takes roughly around 5 minutes.

Freezing And Air Frying Breakfast Sandwiches – Is It Worth It?

Freezing food, when done right, can be an excellent practice that keeps your kitchen low-waste and as convenient as possible. Because of this, freezing a batch of breakfast sandwiches then air-frying them when needed is absolutely worth it in my opinion.

If you’ve been wanting to try meal prep but don’t know how to start, this is an excellent option to begin with. From there, try and make some quesadillas or breakfast burritos until you feel you’re ready for the next step!

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