What Candy Begins With The Letter A? Your Complete Guide

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It can be fun to make a game out of listing different things in alphabetical order, and the letter A is always a good place to start! Below is a full list of all the different candies which begin with the letter A, followed by a brief history of each of the sweets! Keep reading below to find out more about each of the different candies!

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Candy That Starts With The Letter A

The following is the list of different candies which begin with the letter A. I have even put the list in alphabetical order to satisfy any organization-inclined tendencies that you may have.

  • Abba Zabba
  • Aero
  • After Eight
  • Airheads
  • Allsorts
  • Almond Joy
  • Altoids
  • Amarula
  • Andes
  • Applehead
  • Atomic Fireball
  • Au’some


Abba-Zabba bars are a taffy bar which first came out in 1922. This candy bar is produced with taffy in a candy bar form, which is filled with peanut butter in the middle. It is a super tasty candy, which doubles as a great source of protein!

Produced by Annabelle Candy Company in California, it was once produced by a few other companies. The formula has always stayed the same and is a kosher candy. Recently, they have even produced some extra different flavors of the peanut taffy bar.


A Nestle owned chocolate bar, Aero is a chocolate bar which is produced with aerated chocolate. This means it has bubbles throughout the chocolate bar to give it a light texture. Originally produced by Rowantree’s, this is another bar which was acquired by Nestlé and produced in England in 1935.

The bubbly texture of this chocolate bar is what sets it apart from the rest. It is loved because of the melt-in-the mouth texture the bubbles gives. They even brought out a mint flavor which is arguably more popular than the original flavor.

After Eight Mints

After Eight mints are a super luxurious mint which was specifically designed to be an after-dinner mint. Or otherwise, as the name suggests after eight o’ clock. Similar to peppermint patties, they are produced with a mint crème, which is coated in thin chocolate.

Nestle purchased After Eight form the original creator of the tasty mints back in 1988. The mints are still hugely popular in both North America and Europe. The formula has been changed slightly over time to improve the flavor.


Airheads candy was first brought out in 1985 and have been a favorite among adults and children since then. Originally, these were sold as a long taffy, but in recent years they started to come out in many different forms.

While they are just a simple candy, they come in both sweet and sour flavors but are so loved thanks to the fact the flavor is not to overpowering.

There are many different flavors to choose from but the original flavors include grape, green apple, strawberry, and orange.

In more recent time, there has been many different flavors added – such as blue raspberry, watermelon, white mystery, and many more!

Airheads are produced by a company which is called Perfetti Van Melle. This is a Dutch-Italian company which are very popular for many of their sweet flavors.


Next on the list of candies beginning with A is Allsorts. This is a mixture of candy that comes with many different licorice candies mixed together in one bag. These colorful flavorful sweets come in a wide variety, with some sugar coated, or filled with jelly or gelatin.

These candies came out in 1899, and were produced by the Bassett Candy Company. A sales representative from the company tripped and dropped a tray of different candies and the client with which he was working liked the idea of having many different sweets in one mix. And so, the idea for Allsorts was born. These sweets are mostly popular in England but can still be purchased in the US.

Almond Joy

Almond Joy is a Hershey Company product and is a super tasty candy which is filled with creamy coconut and topped in almonds. This is then coated in milk chocolate to create the perfect chocolatey, coconutty, almondy goodness! If you enjoy almonds and coconut, then this is the perfect chocolate bar for you.

If you’ve had a Mounds Candy bar before, then these are super similar to them. The difference between Almond Joy and Mounds is that Mounds is coated in dark chocolate, while Almond Joy is coated in milk chocolate.

Almond Joy was originally produced by Peter Paul in 1946, but the bar was then sold to Hersheys Company in 1988.


Altoids are not so much a candy and more of a mint, but I’ve included them on this list of candies beginning with A. These mints have actually been in production since the 1780s! With more than two centuries of producing mints, these guys know what they are doing.

These tasty mints have always come in a metal tin and they are not changing their tradition any time soon. The mints are produced by a London-based company which was called Smith & Company. In more recent times, the name of the company changed to Callard & Bowser, which is what it is still known as today.

These mints are produced using peppermint oil and are widely known as ‘the originally celebrated curiously string mints’. While peppermint is the original flavor, wintergreen, spearmint, and cinnamon are still produced. Altoids Sours used to be produced by the company but were discontinued.


While Amarula is originally known as a South African Liqueur, they have actually began to produce a candy bar which tastes like the liqueur. Amarula is a Swiss chocolate candy bar, which is infused with the flavor of the liqueur. It is a super tasty combination.

This candy bar does in fact contain an alcohol content, but it is less than 1%. The majority of the flavor from the liquer actually comes from the marula tree and fruit.


Andes mints are the next candy on the list of candies beginning with A. These are super tasty chocolate mints which have a very unique history. Andes mints are a layer of mint which has been coated in a thick layer of chocolate and covered in a thin foil wrapper. Like After Eights, these mints are often served as an after-dinner mint.

Originally called Andy’s Candies, these mints came out in 1950. It then became apparent that men did not like to buy women chocolates which have another mans name on the box! When the owner Andrew Kanelos noticed this, he changed the name of the mints and soon they became very popular.

Andes mints have had many different owners, but most recently, the mints were purchased by Tootsie Roll Company in 2000 and still remain a part of the Tootsie Roll family today. These tasty treats are deliciously light too, and come in at about 25 calories per mint!

Over the years, the company have tried to bring out some other flavors, such as cherry jubille and chocolate orange but the popularity has always remained with the original.


Applehead is an American candy which is produced by Ferrara Candy Company. Lemonheads are another popular sweet which is produced by the same company and made using a similar idea. The Formula for Applehead was developed in 1962 using the same method as Red Hots, which is another Ferrara Pan Candy.

Both candies are produced using a cold panned process, which gives the sweet its uniform consistency throughout the candy.

Atomic Fireball

This candy is a spicy, cinnamon flavored hard candy. While they are one of many hot cinnamon candies on the market, atomic fireball is unique due to its large size and round shape.

This candy is popular among people who enjoy spicy foods. Children also enjoy the sweet because it can be used as a dare or challenge to their friends. While it is available all year round, the sweet tends to sell the most during winter months, thanks to its warming taste.


Au’some is actually one of the leading companies who produce sugar-free and gluten free candy. Their wide variety of products are suitable for people who suffer from allergies such as celiac disease or diabetes. Vegan and kosher too, this candy is super accessible for almost everyone.

The Au’some range is very broad and span from chocolate covered pretzels to gummy bears to jelly beans. The chocolate covered pretzels are super tasty, with a rich creamy chocolatey exterior, while the interior pretzel is crispy and salty.

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And so there you have it! There are lots of different candies which begin with the letter A. There is even a very wide variety among all the different types of candies, with some real oldies on the list.

If you think I’ve missed out on any candies that begin with the letter A, please let me know in the comments!

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