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Angel Cake Pans

Angel Cake Pans are a great complement to your bakeware and cake pans collection. Covering all the major baking brands including Magic Line and Fat Daddio's bakeware and specialty pans, Cooks Dream is your complete one stop shop for cake pans and all necessary baking ingredients, mixes and flours. Designed for professional bakers but yet still great for the home, our bakeware range provide great advantages and great value for money. See below for more information on Angel Food Cake pans.

About Angel Food Cake Pans

Angel food cake is a US originating light and fluffy sponge cake. It is differentiated from its darker brother, devil food cake, which is a heavier chocolate cake.

Angel cakes are typically made with beaten egg whites and then baked in a tube or bundt pan. More often the tubular structure of a tube pan is used to leave a hole in the middle of the sponge cake which thus allows the angel cake to rise more evenly to create the light fluffy texture angel cakes are known for. The straight sides of the pan coupled with the tubular structure also allow heat to evenly permeate the cake and thus provide a conducive environment to encourage rising. Once baked, angel cakes should be cooled upside down to avoid collapse, hence angel cake pans are also rarely non-stick. Post cooling and removal, angel food cakes can be decorated but more often simply sauce drizzled or glazed.

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